Facebook 100 “Likes”

For every 100 Facebook “Likes” we receive on our Facebook page, we will send a box of 50 Infant Nasal Aspirators to a charity/cause that is in need. Simply go to I Love Blue Nose Sucker and click the “Like” button on the top that the page. Then, invite your friends to do the same. You will be helping Mothers all over the world receive the tool that will give their child instant breathing comfort.

Why a Baby Nasal Aspirator?

All over the world children get mucus in their noses which makes it hard for them to breathe. In the earlier ages of life children cannot clear their nasal passages by themselves. This is why when we leave the hospital the nurses give us the blue infant nasal aspirator the doctor uses in the first seconds of your baby’s life. Infants can actually die during birth when this tool is not available to clear breathing passages. Life is not the same without one (the reason you found InfantNasalAspirator.com in the first place) and many Mothers all over the world have no way of getting one.


Are you involved with a Charity/Cause that is in need of Infant Nasal Aspirators? Please send us an email at sales@nosesucker.com telling us why your Charity/Cause needs them.

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