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Infant Nose Aspirator Time

boiling-waterWhen it comes time to use the infant nose aspirator try to make this as pleasant of an experience for your child as possible. I have found that the older the child is the harder nose suction time can be. We have used two techniques to calm down nerves. First we talk to our child in a calm soft voice. And second, with the older kids, we make a game out of it. The game we play with our 2 year old when it’s time to use the baby nose aspirator is “Your turn, My turn.” The rules of the game are if we suck the mucus out of our 2 years nose she gets a turn to do it on us. Now, you don’t have to actually let her put the aspirator up your nose but it must look like it. These tips will go along way at making infant nose suction time fun and successful.

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